Behind the Tide

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Behind the Tide
Directed by Romain Juchereau
Starring Tom Wegener, Thomas Bexon, Dane Peterson, Nathan Oldfield, Joe Davies, James Parry, Mick Rodgers, Fred Branger, Lily Branger, Karl Mackie, James Otter, Ben Cook, Bonnie Hall, Ashleigh Browe, Sam Crookshank, Jake Bowrey, Mitch Surman, Michael Lay, Julien Espinassou, Pauline Beugniot, Muju Studio, Ben Skinner
Production company Romain Juchereau Films
Release date 2014
Running time 1 hour 6 minutes
Language English

Filmed in beautiful locations in Australia, Cornwall, and France, Behind The Tide provides an insight into creative individuals who have forged a living through their passion for surfing. It shows a different perspective on surf culture, focusing on those working independently and outside of the mainstream. From shapers to photographers, the film documents how art and a love of riding waves transcends both geographical and cultural boundaries.

Featuring great surfers such as Neal Purchase Jr, Dane Peterson, Thomas Bexon, James Parry, Joe Davies, Nathan Oldfield, and many more. Behind the Tide explores surfings nostalgia with the renaissance of longboarding, single fin, alaias, hand planing and tandem surfing.

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