Gordon & Smith Surfboards

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Gordon & Smith Surfboards
Gordon and smith surfboards logo.png
Founded 1959
Location Carlsbad, California
Shaper Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith
Category Longboards
Website http://www.gordonandsmith.com

History of Gordon & Smith Surfboards

The majority of surfboard companies exist usually as one name entity with multiple shapers that come and go, working for that brand. Not with Gordon & Smith Surfboards. They have remained together, strong and promoting the surfboard business together for over 50 years.

Gordon & Smith’s inspiration to innovate surfboards came after the need for better boards that wouldn’t be heavy or waterlogged. During the 1950s, majority of the surfboards were made of balsa wood. Having started from Floyd’s garage, they both decided to open up their shop by 1959 and create better surfboards including fiber glass nose and tail block, both new innovations for that time.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Gordon & Smith Surfboards continue to launch new popular surfboard labels including: Little Gypsy, Egg & Twin Fin, and Tri-Fin models during the explosion and interest for shortboards.

Although rooted in surfboard design, Gordon & Smith diversified their business, entering into the skateboard business in the 1970s. Later in the 1980s, the would also introduce their first line of apparel. Entering into the end of the 20th century and 2000s, they have expanded into the snow industry … making Gordon & Smith Surfboards one of the few original surfboard shapers to also include skate and snow products.

Overview of Gordon & Smith Surfboards

Majority of surfboards offered are longboards, with some fish and shortboards available as well. They include:

  • Larry Gordon Signature 3
  • Classic Noserider
  • Retro Redfin
  • Blunt Noserider
  • Teamryder
  • Stretch
  • Peak Performer
  • Hot Curl
  • SS Model
  • Quad Fish
  • Stinger
  • Magic Fish
  • Magic Round Pen
  • Egg

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