Hank Warner Surfboards

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Hank Warner Surfboards
Hank warner surfboards logo.png
Founded 1967
Location Pacific Beach, California
Shaper Hank Warner
Category Longboards, Shortboards, Funboards, Gun/Fish
Website http://www.hankwarner.com

History of Hank Warner Surfboards

"Ride your own wave."

—Hank Warner

Hank grew up around the surf culture prior to starting his shaping business in San Diego, CA. In 1967, with his brother-in-law, they started up shaping surfboards. To the present, 25,000 boards have been shaped since the inception of Hank Warner Surfboards.

His knowledge and skill of surfboard craft has evolved through his extensive travel around the world including: England, Spain, Australia, Hawaii, and New Zealand.

Hank specializes in shaping quality, custom surfboards.

Overview of Hank Warner Surfboards

Hank Warner shapes surfboards less so to the mass surfers, and more for the surfer’s looking for a special kind of board. If you are really invested in surfing (putting in the money!) and would like a surfboard designed to your taste, then Hank Warner offers custom made surfboards. The following are generally what Hank offers:

  • Modern Longboard
  • Classic Longboard
  • Poached Egg
  • Butterfly Fish
  • Starfish
  • High Performance Shortboard
  • Big Guy Performer

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