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{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
| image              =  
| image              = Isle surfboards logo.png
| founded            = 1994
| founded            = 1994
| location          = San Diego, California
| location          = San Diego, California

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Isle Surfboards
Isle surfboards logo.png
Founded 1994
Location San Diego, California
Category Longboards, Shortboards, SUP boards, Funboards
Website http://www.islesurfboards.com

History of Isle Surfboards

One of the more recently founded surfboard organizations, partners Doug Pate and Marc Miller launched the Isle Surfboards business to showcase a wide range of surf and SUP boards while spreading the stoke of surfing.

Like many who’ve been bitten by the surf bug, Doug was inspired by his several months off surfing along the Costa Rican coast. Simiarly, Marc had been surfing since he was a young kid and vowed to turn his surfing passion into a business.

In less than two decades, they have molded Isle Surfboards into the go-to spot for stand-up paddle boards.

Overview of Isle Surfboards

The organization has a large selection of surfboards and stand-up paddle boards, with more popularity on the SUP boards. Since the Isle Surfboards is relatively new, much of the boards are less about “branded names”, and more about the functionality and affordability over other traditional surfboard companies. They offer:


  • Ecore Epoxy
  • XPS Epoxy
  • Wooden Surfboards
  • Fish Surfboards
  • Shortboards
  • Funshapes
  • Mini Longboards
  • Longboards

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