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JS Surfboards
Js industries logo.png
Founded 1999
Location Australia
Shaper Jason Stephenson
Category Shortboards
Website http://jsindustries.com

Who Is The Mastermind Behind JS Surfboards?

JS Surfboards was started by Australia shaper Jason Stephenson and have grown to become one of the most influential surfboard manufacturers. The following are words by shaper Jason Stephenson..

"At the age of 5, I started surfing and am still hooked. I have been fortunate enough to have lived a lifelong dream of surfing, travelling, competing, and now shaping for surfers globally. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the stoke on someone’s face when riding one of my designs. Our current models culminate my life experiences, an amazing dream team testing our newest concepts in the best waves worldwide, and quality handpicked craftsmen fighting for the cause. It is a super exciting feeling in today’s climate as surfing is stepping up again with rapid technological growth, and innovative designs, its an exciting time. Enjoy the ride."

History of JS Industries Surfboards

Jason first surfed when he was at the young age of 5, and shaped his first surfboard at the age of 25. With many years of experience in the surf world, Jason set himself for success when launching JS Industries in Australia.

One of the present pro-surfers whom JS Industries has great partnership is with Joel Parkinson. Joel is one of the lead surfers riding the boards from JS to many surf championships. As Jason states:

"It’s an easy relationship. We’ve never gone through crisis times where Joel has gone, ‘Shit, my boards don’t work!’ Never."

Who Rides For JS Surfboards?

The JS has a team of some of the best surfers on the globe. These top pro riders are Bruce Irons, Joel Parkinson, Luke Egan and Mark Occhilupo.

What JS Surfboard Models Are There?

For 2009 JS has a wide variety of new surfboard models available.

JS Signature Series

The JS Signature Series is JS Industries lineup of surfboard models tailored for and ridden by their line up of pros. This line of surfbaords include the Bruce Irons (BI) Signature model, the Jordy Smith Signature model, the Parko Signature model, the Occy Signature Model and the LE Signature Model. Each of these signature boards are also available as Small Wave and Up Size models.

Jordy Signature

Jordy is the most innovative surfer in the world today. His equipment has been developed to break the boundaries of limitation with the use of unique concave combination.

Parko Signature

JS Surfboards has taken key components from all 2009 favorites developing what is clearly the best JS Parko Surfboard model to date.

Bruce Irons Signature

Bruce had the chance in 2009 to try a big range of new designs during a year off tour doing various surf trips. The JS Bruce Irons Model is his signature design.

Occy Signature

Other than a few subtle changes, the JS Occy Surfboard model remains similar to 2009.

Luke Egan Signature

For the slightly bigger surfer looking for constant updates on design, look no further. Here is the JS Luke Egan Surfboard.

JS Summer Series

The JS Summer Series is made up of the small wave grovelers. These are the Dyno, the Nitro and the Sonic. These surfboards are all designed with speed and maneuverability in summer slop in mind.


JS surfboards #1 best selling model world wide, The JS Nitro Surfboard is a small wave innovation that is a favorite for many surfers world wide


This JS Sonic Surfboard is a combination of a small wave grovel master and performance board rolled into one.


The V2.1 is the newest small wave model by JS surfboards.

JS Shortboards Series

The JS Shortboards Series is a collection of performance surfboards for any surfer who is looking for a board to add to their quiver for a variety of conditions. This series includes the Traktor Mini, the 300 KW, the X4, the AI5, the CV8, the Fat Fish 2, the Fly Boy and the Combat Model.


JS Surfboards has created a touch more volume this season yet held onto all of the performance qualities that JS Combat Surfboards was renowned for.

Flyboy II

The JS Flyboy 2 Surfboard is an update on one of the original and best JS models of all time.


The JS Five is an exact replica of the board that won a certain someone 3 world titles.


The JS 300KW Surfboard model is designed for the surfer that appreciates extra volume with all the features of a high-performance short board design.


The JS 427KW Surfboard is specifically built with extra volume and is renowned for being the chunkiest model in the JS range.

Tractor Mini

The Tractor Mini is the perfect board for grommets who want to rip, ridden by the best young guys in the world from Snapper to California.

JS Upsize Series

The JS Upsize Series is made up of JS’s Semi Gun and Gun models. These JS surfboards are available by custom order.


The JS GUN series is based around what the JS Surfboards team rides at dream locations like, Cloud break, Teahupoo and Pipe.

Semi Gun

A lot has changed in bigger wave equipment and JS Semi Guns are leading edge designs.

JS X Series

The JS X Series is made up of the CV8 concave v model, the VX5 and the XR surfboard.


The JS CV8 Surfboard was the hottest addition to our short board series in 2009 and is now an absolute proven weapon in the X Series category.


JS developed a variety of 5 fin boards for 2010 however the JS VX5 Surfboard is the 5 fin designed for the performance surfer in mind that is looking for the 3 in 1 model.


A favorite amongst JS team and staff, the JS XR Surfboard is by far the most exciting development for JS in 2010.

JS Solite Surfboards

The JS Solite Surfboards is JS’s range of surfboards made of a combination of of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, epoxy lamination and a centre stringer.

JS Performance Epoxy Series II

The JS Surfboards P2 (Performance Epoxy Series II) line of surfboards is JS’s next generation design. These surfboards are made of lightweight EPS foam, epoxy lamination and i-Fibre outer rails.

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