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{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
| image              =  
| image              = Mctavish surfboards logo.png
| founded            = 1962
| founded            = 1962
| location          = Byron Bay, Australia
| location          = Byron Bay, Australia

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McTavish Surfboards
Mctavish surfboards logo.png
Founded 1962
Location Byron Bay, Australia
Shaper Bob McTavish
Category Longboards, Shortboards, Performance, SUP Boards
Website http://www.mctavish.com.au

History of McTavish Surfboards

One of the most well-known shapers of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Bob McTavish first shaped boards under many different surfboard labels and head shapers including Scott Dillon and Morey-Pope.

His most famous model came out in 1972 called the “Bluebird”. At the time, the Bluebird was one of the most successful shortboards to be in production. Thousands of Bluebirds were sold until the brand was phased out by 1979.

Through the 1980’s and 1990’s, Bob would shape with Free-Flight, shape custom boards for windsurfers, research innovative molding materials including Pro Circuit Board (PCB) and Surftech Tuflite.

His next famous model came out in the middle of 1990’s called the “Big M”, which was a updated version of traditional longboards, into the the modern longboard. This model is still in production, with 20 different McTavish varieties available.

From that point on, Bob would have licensing agreements with Surftech in 1997 and Global Surf Industries in 2007. His boards are truly an international hit as his surfboards have been distributed to over 30 different countries.

Overview of McTavish Surfboards

McTavish Surfboards takes its wide range of surfboard selections from its long history in surfboard shaping. You will find all types from longboards to SUP boards, affordable to collector’s item, and from wooden to high-tech materials.

Performance Longboards

  • Fireball Evolution
  • Fireball Evolution II
  • Fireball Evolution Squaretail
  • G2 Longboard Gun
  • Original
  • Ray Gleave Model
  • UFO

Traditional Longboards

  • Involvement
  • Neo
  • Noosa 66
  • Noserider
  • Redline Pintail
  • Redline Squaretail
  • Tracker


  • Bobsled
  • Carver
  • Carver Fish
  • Eightball
  • Sumo
  • UF8

Retro Shortboards

  • Bluebird
  • Egg
  • Scooter
  • Twinfish

SLX Epoxy Boards

  • Bobsled SLX Epoxy
  • Carver Round Tail SLX Epoxy
  • Carver Square Tail SLX Epoxy
  • Fireball Evolution SLX Epoxy
  • Original SLX Epoxy

Tuflite Epoxy Boards

  • Carver Tuflite Round Tail
  • Carver Tuflite Square Tail
  • Fireball Tuflite
  • Original Tuflite
  • Ray Gleave Tuflite

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