Mike Hynson Surfboards

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Mike Hynson Surfboards
Founded 1958
Location Encinitas, California
Shaper Mike Hynson
Category Bonzer, Longboards, SUP Boards
Website http://mikehynsonsurfboards.com

History of Mike Hynson Surfboards

Mike Hynson is famously known for co-starring alongside Robert August in the classic surf movie: “The Endless Summer”. Prior to jet-setting around the world, Mike lived the surf lifestyle in San Diego and would later visit Hawaii for the first time in 1961 where he would ride Pipeline on the North Shore.

To avoid having to be drafted in to the US military, Mike jumped at the opportunity to be one of the surfers in the film The Endless Summer. He would travel with Robert August across the world from Hawaii to New Zealand to South Africa in search for the perfect wave.

After returning from that trip, Mike would shape under several well-known shapers including Hobie Surfboards and Gordon & Smith Surfboards. Many of the models Mike would shape at Gordon & Smith would be surfed by the best surfers at the time.

After shaping for several years with other labels, he would found Hynson and Company, and shape his own surfboards from a wide range of materials and design techniques.

Overview of Mike Hynson Surfboards

You won’t find much information or photos of current surfboard models associated with Mike Hynson Surfboards on their website (as of June 2012 are currently unavailable). However, upon checking out the order form, the surfboard models are listed out and quick Google searches can lead you to more specification information. Models under the Mike Hynson name include:

  • Black Knight
  • Black Knight 2
  • White Knight
  • Hydro Chief
  • Red Fin
  • Cojo Gun
  • Hy Performance
  • Endless Summer Fish

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