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{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
| image              =  
| image              = Natural art surfboards logo.png
| founded            = 1971
| founded            = 1971
| location          = Cocoa Beach, Florida
| location          = Cocoa Beach, Florida

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Natural Art Surfboards
Natural art surfboards logo.png
Founded 1971
Location Cocoa Beach, Florida
Shaper Pete Dooley
Category Shortboards
Website http://www.naturalart.com

History of Natural Art Surfboards

Not much is known about the background of how Natural Art Surfboards came about, but the main shaper for this organization is Pete Dooley, one of the several East Coast shapers.

Overview of Natural Art Surfboards

Natural Art Surfboards provides the typical wide range of surfboard choices across the board. The website organization makes it somewhat difficult to quickly locate boards, however, these are the following they provide:


  • The Round(ie) Tail
  • The Rice Burner
  • 2XSpeed Concave
  • 3XFaster
  • The Fish
  • The Big Guy

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