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Plus One Surfboards
Founded 1999
Location San Diego, California
Shaper Joe Virgilio, George Gall
Category Shortboards

History of Plus One Surfboards

One of the more recent founded and young surfboard brands, both George Gall and Joe Virgilio came together to shape and build the Plus One Surfboards business from scratch in San Diego, CA. George comes from a long line of family members who have surfed, since the 1880’s.

Prior to George founding Plus One, he was a mechanical engineer in the U.S. Space Program and taught at-risk kids in high school. Eventually, he would meet up with Joe and teach him the shaping skills that would prepare them both to launch Plus One brand.

Both George and Joe have a deep passion for the art of shaping surfboards, and is quite evident with the multitudes of videos showcased on Plus One, illustrating the craft. To the present, both continue to shape boards for friends and family “out of pure stoke“.

Overview of Plus One Surfboards

Plus One focuses on shortboard designs. They have a range of shortboard features including shape, size, thickness, and tail to the specifications of a target surfer. The following our surfboards they shape:

  • The Big Deal
  • The Dart
  • The Deal
  • The Deep Dish
  • The Game
  • The Micro
  • The Nano
  • The Punt
  • V-Drive
  • The Score
  • The Score Small
  • SRQ
  • Squish and Squirt
  • Twin-Keeled Fish
  • Twin Sane
  • BTTF

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