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{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
| image              =  
| image              = Stretch surfboards logo.png
| founded            = 1979
| founded            = 1979
| location          = Santa Cruz, California
| location          = Santa Cruz, California

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Stretch Surfboards
Stretch surfboards logo.png
Founded 1979
Location Santa Cruz, California
Shaper William “Stretch” Reidel
Category Shortboards, Longboards, Performance
Website http://www.stretchboards.com

History of Stretch Surfboards

I begin shaping everyday before sunrise. With headphones on and tool in hand, there’s only one way I get the job done. I personally tend to every board so that my customers receive the same quality and scrutiny as any of my team riders. I never cut corners. All my boards receive 100% attention. That’s how we get results.

—William “Stretch” Reidel

Simply known as Stretch, William Reidel was born in Malibu, CA. Having a father who shaped boards for Velzy Jacobs Surfboards in the 1960’s helped him get acclimated to the surf culture and shaping techniques.

He would continue to evolve his shaping skills and eventually relocate to Northern California at Santa Cruz, where the present day Stretch surfboard factory is located.

Stretch is most known for his involvement and support of progressive wave riding. This is a movement away from simply the tri-fin to the quad. The benefit of a quad surfboard is that it allows for faster, quicker movement. Nathan Fletcher’s Four-Fin is the result of this new surfboard design.

Overview of Stretch Surfboards

Stretch Surfboards provides mostly shortboards with some guns and longboards at its secondary categories. As mentioned before, Stretch is primarily known for promoting the quad surfboard designs to provide more surfboard choices for those who prefer the quad over tri-fin.


  • Quad Fish
  • Twin-Fin
  • The WHAT?
  • The Pug
  • The Magnet
  • The Sword
  • The Thing
  • S2
  • Fletcher Four-Fin
  • S10
  • Rat Skate

Big Wave Boards

  • Semi-Gun
  • Stretch Monster Gun
  • Fletcher Monster Gun
  • The Big Cheese


  • High Performance Longboard
  • The IT (Mini Longboard)

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