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WRV Surfboards
Wrv surfboards logo.png
Founded 1967
Location Virginia Beach, Virginia
Category Shortboards, Longboards

History of WRV Surfboards

Although not much information is given about the background history of the brand or shapers, Wave Riding Vehicles maintains a strong presence in several geographic areas that otherwise, are not covered by other surfboard brands that popularly headquarter themselves in California, Australia, and Hawaii.

Wave Riding Vehicles can be found in Hawaii, Virginia Beach, Kitty Hawk (NC), and Puerto Rico.

Overview of WRV Surfboards

Majority of Wave Riding Vehicles surfboards are of shortboard design. They have some options for funboards and longboards available as well.

WRV Shortboards

  • Nugget
    • The shortboard for small wave riding. The Nugget has fuller volume and area at board width to help increase stability. Tail options include round and diamond shape. Fin option includes 5-fin conversion.
  • Flying Nugget
    • This shortboard is similar to the Nugget, but with an addition of a swallow tail. Use this shortboard to ride (in WRV lingo), chunkier and heavier waves. Tail Options include round and swallow shape. Fin option includes 5-fin conversion.
  • Fugget
    • Interesting choice of surfboard name (sounds weird to the talk). Like the Nugget, this surfboard is good for small size waves with the wider board width for stability, while still short nose to tail length to give speed where needed. Tail Option: Round. Fin Option: 5-Fin conversion.
  • Wombat
    • With a slightly smaller board width than the previous 3 surfboards, and a squash tail shape (bat-tail), this surfboard is ideal for small to medium sized waves. Tail Option: Bat-tail. Fin Option: 5-Fin Conversion.
  • Rock Fish
    • The double-winged swallow characterizes this board and most suitable for small to medium sized waves.
  • Fun Fish
    • One of the more customizable surfboards by WRV Surfboards, this swallow tail surfboard has fin options including: Thruster and 5-Fin Conversion. Suited for riding small to medium sized waves and primarily for intermediate surfers.
  • Drone
    • This surfboard has a low entry rocker which helps you catch more of the small waves. Tail Option: Squash. Fin Option: Thruster and 5-Fin Conversion.
  • Slayer
    • Sounds like this board can kill the “wave demons”? The Slayer is customizable with any type of tail shape with fin option as thruster and suitable for the medium to large size waves.
  • Chronic
    • Similar to its sister board, Slayer, the Chronic board is for the advanced surfer seeking to get the thrill ride of medium to large size waves. Board shape is ideal for carving and some aerial moves along with riding tubes! Customizable with any type of tail shape and fin option as thruster.
  • Chronic Pro
    • This board is step above the Chronic. For the serious board rider looking for high performance surfboard that responds well to your every move. For medium to large size waves and similar customization as the Chronic.
  • Nugget Plus
    • This surfboard is just like its little brother, Nugget, but for the bigger surfboard rider in mind.


  • Funboard
    • Versatile in any surf condition from small to large waves.
  • Stingray
    • Similar to the Funboard, but with a swallow tail and for bigger surfboard riders who want to ride a shortboard, but also have paddle power.


  • Mini-Longboard
    • Longboard for all types of surfers, and for small to medium size wave conditions. Customizable with all types of tail shapes and fin option of single with side bites.
  • Longboard
    • WRV’s take of the classic longboard and updating it to the modern era. More lightweight and dynamically advanced, this surfboard is for all types of waves and for those who enjoy riding like the traditional surfers back in the day.

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