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{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
{{Infobox surfboard manufacturer
| image              =  
| image              = Wave tribe surfboards logo.png
| founded            = 2007
| founded            = 2007
| location          = Ojai, California
| location          = Ojai, California

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Wave Tribe Surfboards
Wave tribe surfboards logo.png
Founded 2007
Location Ojai, California
Shaper Derek Dodds
Category Longboards, Hybrids, Wooden Boards, DIY Boards
Website http://www.wavetribe.com/category-s/76.htm

History of Wave Tribe Surfboards

Even though Wave Tribe was established in 2007, by no means is this surf company just starting up. Wave Tribe is well-known for being the pioneer and first eco-friendly surf shop to sell sustainable surf products.

Founded by Derek Dodds while he and his friends were surfing out in Mexico in 2007, Derek questioned the amount of plastic he had in all of his surf gear and accessories. Prior to the mid 2000’s, ecological surf products were not widespread, and fairly uncommon. With no eco-friendly surf products around, Derek sought out the best materials that could provide quality and function for surfers, while helping the Earth.

One of the materials that Wave Tribe, strongly endorses, is hemp. Wave Tribe lists these top reasons why hemp is the best choice material for your surf products:

  • Hemp grows naturally without pesticides
  • Hemp is mold resistant
  • Hemp is strong and durable
  • Hemp is biodegradable
  • Hemp reduces heat and remains cool
  • Hemp protects against the sun’s harmful rays
  • Hemp is straight up COOL

Wave Tribe is on the forefront with revolutionizing the “thought-process” behind how products are bought, specifically to surf gear. They encourage quality over cheaply made goods and to think about how much you consume and throw away.

Wave Tribe has quickly built a strong, loyal following in its tribe, and will continue to influence the surf industry by putting sustainability and ecological preservation on the forefront.

Overview of Wave Tribe Surfboards

Although Wave Tribe is more known for offering eco-friendly surf accessories, apparel, and gear, they do offer some surfboards. Many of the surfboards use eco-friendly wood, along with some DIY surfboard kits, where you can make your own surfboards!

  • Retro Fish Style
  • Kuntiqui Balsa Wood Retro-Fish
  • Mini Simmons by Derek Dodds
  • Alaia Surfboard by James Coxon
  • Alaia Blanks
  • Funboard
  • Wood Surfboard Kit

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