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FCD Surfboards
Fcd surfboards logo.png
Founded 1996
Location Ventura, California
Shaper Fletcher Chouinard
Category Shortboards, Longboards
Website http://www.fcdsurfboards.com

History of FCD Surfboards

You might be wondering what FCD stands for? Simply, Fletcher Chouinard Designs.

Following the footsteps of his father’s successful environmentally friendly business, Patagonia … FCD Surfboards now continues that tradition of shaping surfboards in the most eco-friendly way. To understand the background of FCD Surfboards, we have to understand the background principles of how Patagonia was founded as well.

Many years before Fletcher was even born, his father, Yvon Chouinard was laying the foundations for creating a successful outdoors and climbing business called Chouinard Equipment Company. This business would eventually spin-off and inspire the formation of another brand called Patagonia. And so Fletcher’s father has set the environmental standard high for other businesses to follow, in paving the way for sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes to take shape.

The start of FCD Surfboards most likely began with a casual conversation between Fletcher and his father. Yvon encouraged his son to shape surfboards, but Fletcher mentioned that how could he beat out the top surfboards of the time. Yvon simply stated:

"...if pro surfers go on a trip to Tahiti and Indonesia, they have to take six to ten boards because they’re going to break at least half of them. You call that good quality?"

From that point on, Fletcher pursued the materials, research, and design that went into creating the surfboard of strength and durability. After understanding the criteria and elements that comprised of a top performing surfboard, he would go on to create a line of surfboards that had top quality in mind.

FCD Surfboards started out as Point Blanks Surfboards, but name changed to himself better reflected the meaning and strong family history behind the business.

Overview of FCD Surfboards

FCD Surfboards has a range of boards primarily in the surfboard category. Along with boards, FCD sells apparel in its own name as well as from Patagonia. Further, compliment your surfboards with Patagonia’s quality line of wetsuits.


  • Fish
  • Fark
  • Quark
  • DM3
  • Peke
  • KMRP
  • Octopus
  • Huevo Ranchero
  • Mako
  • Step Up/Minigun


  • Mikey Munoz
  • Triditional
  • Round Pin


  • HP Longboard
  • Noseglider Longboard
  • Beavertail Longboard

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