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Directed by
Starring Andy, Bruce, the Beschen bros, Barney, Ozzie, Shibata, Patacchia, the Barron bros, Sunny, Tamayo, Slater, Wardo, Hoyer, Ratboy, Goose, Cormican, Taj, The Lopez bros, Dorian, Mikala, Kahea, Kai Henry, Makua, Petruso
Production company TransWorld SURF
Release date 2000
Location France, Spain, Protugal, Hawaii, California, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Central America, Fiji

The full release of TransWorld SURF's 7873 is dedicated to the loving memory of Tyson Montrucchio ~ beloved husband, son, brother, friend, and musician (April 28, 1975 ~ July 13, 2013).

7873 was one of Tyson Montrucchio's works of art. His style of editing was ahead of its time in the action sports world. Here is a quote from the web review in October 2000: "...The video's not like anything you've seen. Ask anyone who saw it and guaranteed they'll say "different." From the digitized effects, to the quick flashes of T'nA, to the solid soundtrack that strayed from the all too familiar Good Ridance’s and Pennywises that usually leave ears ringing, TWS has put its unique stamp on 7873..."

Tyson was an amazing human. He will be missed by his friends, family and numerous people he touched through his music and art.

Note: 7873 spells SURF on a telephone for all of you youngsters.

Free movie URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT817TChCwk

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