80 Waves

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80 Waves
Directed by Steve Fagan
Starring Adam D'Esposito, Ken Bradshaw, Jamie O'Brien, Kelly Slater
Production company Filmworks Entertainment
Release date 2011
Running time 1 hour
Language English

Filmed in glorious HD over 5 years and in 10 locations, 80 Waves is a collection of huge waves and big name riders from across the globe. Amongst the culture, wildlife and beautiful scenery of exotic surf spots like Fiji, Hawaii, and Bali, we see surfers and foil-boarders, tow-in surfing and body-boarding on such iconic waves as Hawaii's Jaws and Indonesia's G-Land, all set to an eclectic collection of world music.

With tons of spectacular wipeouts, interviews with pro surfers like Adam D'Esposito and Ken Bradshaw, and unmissable underwater footage of the largest great white shark ever seen off the coast of Hawaii, 80 Waves will make you want to run for the airport with your passport in one hand and your surfboard in the other!

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