Against the Grain

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Against the Grain
Movie against the grain.jpg
Directed by Mickey Smith
Location Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, Ireland and Cornwall

Beyond the walls of typecast culture lies a world full of movement, inspiration and challenges. "Against The Grain" offers an eye-opening perspective on waveriding through the journeys and reflections of a nomadic crew of individuals otherwise known as bodyboarders.

Although a film about bodyboarding, the lack of stand-up should not prejudice against you from checking out this film. And if it does, its your loss. With this film, Cornwall's Mickey Smith can claim a place amongst the world's best up-and-coming surf film-makers.

A great soundtrack backs up thoughful comment and incredible footage from these shores and afar. A film following the sport of bodyboarding around the world. Featuring 2003 footage of bodyboarding from Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, Ireland and Cornwall.

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