Aloha Surfboards

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Aloha Surfboards
Aloha surfboards logo.png
Founded 1978
Location Brookvale, Australia
Shaper Greg Clough (GRC)
Category Shortboards, Longboards

History of Aloha Surfboards

Aloha Surfboards has quite some history before its founding back in 1978.

Greg Clough grew up with the surf culture and would enjoy hanging out at surfboard factories during his years in school. He first founded a surfboard company with his other friends called Connexion in Sunshine Coast, Queensland which later was relocated to Kirra.

After several years at Connexion, Greg decided to leave the company and travel around the world, to find that next place he would call home. His first stop was California, where he believed the surf scene was presently trending at the time. However due to immigration issues, Greg wasn’t able to set up a surf shop in California, so his next step was South Africa.

Greg would live in South Africa, and then move to Europe before moving back to Australia in 1975. Once back in Australia, he worked with numerous shapers to perfect his skills in surfboard creation. After several years shaping for other surf brands, he launched Aloha Surfboards in 1978.

From that point on, Aloha Surfboards has represented the best surfers in competition including Barton Lynch, Damien Hardman, and continues to provide the best in promoting the “aloha lifestyle” to surfing.

Overview of Aloha Surfboards

The surfboards are categorized into three main groups: Performance, Retro, and Long. Along with selling surfboards, Aloha Surfboards has a diversified apparel line featuring eclectic boardshorts and tops that carries a underground aloha surf culture tone to the brand.

Performance Surfboards

  • AF1
  • AF1 Tour
  • AF2
  • Riklove
  • A-Bomb
  • Magic Mushroom
  • Bean-PU
  • Bean-Future Flex
  • Stryka
  • Quickshift
  • Hornet

Retro Surfboards

  • Time Tunnel Twinnie
  • 87

Long Surfboards

  • RV
  • HPL

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