Atlantic Moon

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Atlantic Moon
Directed by
Starring Bonga Perkins, Colin McPhillips, Grant Thomas, Kanoa Dahlin, Beau Young, Rico de Souza, Jye Burns, Sean Haggar, Chris Griffiths, Olimpio Batista, Marty McMillian, Josh Ferris, Melvin Puu, Dino Miranda, Lance HoOkano, Alex Salazar, Geoff Moysa, Zack Howard, Sion Milosky, Steve Slater, Craig Cuff, Joel Tudor, Takuji Masuda, Pete Johnson, Fabrice Le Mao, Josh Baxter, Nat Young
Production company Opper Sports Productions
Release date 1998
Running time 28 minutes
Language English

The Oxbow World Longboard Championships, the hotly contested annual traveling event, landed on the lunar landscape of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands for its 1998 edition. Famed as the swell magnet of the Northern Atlantic, the lava reefs off the coast of Morocco challenged the world's smoothest surfers with howling winds, unruly waves, and a decidedly foreign culture. Against this barren and exotic backdrop epic confrontations occurred in the surf, marked by Joel Tudor's first-ever crowning as world champion showed why he's considered perhaps the best longboard surfer of all time, surfing the lefts of El Hiero like he grew up there. World-class surfing from global participants is served up as fresh as possible in this up-to-the-minute documentary. You'll not only get a glimpse or rarely seen (let alone surfed) spots across this island chain, but you'll check the styles of the best longboard surfers from every international region.

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