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Austin Surfboards
Austin surfboards logo.png
Location Virginia Beach, Virginia
Shaper Austin Saunders
Category Shortboards, Longboards, Funboards

History of Austin Surfboards

There aren’t many shapers in the East Coast, but Austin Saunders is one of them. He caught the surf bug early on having surfed at the age of 13. At his young age, he would first borrow his uncle’s sub-par condition boards and eventually bought used boards to get any chance he could have to catch some waves.

Since the used boards would ding easily, he would frequently go to get his boards repaired, until he decided that it would be better use of his time and money to fix his own boards. Austin would gather the various ding repair materials and coupled with some research on repairing boards, he was on his way towards creating his own surfboards.

Austin acquired his shaping skills through becoming friends with a head glasser, where he would carefully learn the details of shaping boards. He would try out these skills on his new surfboards at his parent’s home. A year later, at the age of 16, he would open up his own shop called Austin Surfboards.

Overview of Austin Surfboards

Much of the surfboard selection at Austin Surfboards is a variety from the 4’2″ Paipo to 9’6″ longboards. Below are the surfboards offered:

  • Bandit
  • Bad Company
  • Comanche
  • Huevo Diablo
  • Signature
  • Slug
  • Figjam
  • Soul Glide
  • Slug Bonzer
  • Tribute
  • Paipo

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