Avila Surfboards

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Avila Surfboards
Avila surfboards logo.png
Founded 1997
Location San Diego, California
Shaper Mauricio Avila
Category Shortboards
Website http://www.avilasurfboards.com

History of Avila Surfboards

Who knew that a university strike would allow Mauricio Avila of Avila Surfboards to get started on shaping? That is just what happened. The university that Mauricio attended in Brazil cancelled classes. So what to do? He creates several boards himself. Now that is DIY surfboard shaping.

After creating boards for several of his friends, Mauricio took it to the next level by learning all about the shaping process and the tools & machines used to accurately create the surfboards. He moved to Southern California from Brazil to further develop his shaping skills, with the intention of returning home. A decade and a half later, Avila Surfboards found its new home base in San Diego.

Overview of Avila Surfboards

Avila Surfboards is known for its shortboard collection. Much of the board size range from 5’5″ to 7′ with squash, round, and swallow tail shape. The Avila Surfboards include:

  • AV-HP
  • Stin-Ray
  • Bulldog
  • Cookie
  • Malibu
  • Retro Fish

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