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BIC Surfboards
Bic surfboards logo.png
Founded 1994
Location Vannes, France
Category Funboards, Shortboards, SUP boards

History of BIC Surfboards

Did you know that the BIC pencils, pens, and other stationary you use for the office and school … also makes surfboards? The offshoot organization within BIC that creates these surfboards is BIC Sport.

BIC Sport was founded in 1979 first manufacturing windsurfing gear. It wasn’t until 1994 when the first surfboard was released, thus creating the BIC Surfboards division. Further diversifying their portfolio, BIC Sport would eventually launch kitesurfing gear in 2001 and then stand-up paddling boards in 2010.

All manufacturing for the surfboards (along with the other watersports gear) occur in the production site at Vannes, France. Since it’s a more diversified brand versus specialty, majority of the boards are targeted to beginner and intermediate surfers with some advanced boards made.

Overview of BIC Surfboards

BIC Surfboards have a wide range of sizes, shapes, and composite board materials. You can pretty much find any choice for funboards, shortboards, longboards, and SUP boards. They include:

  • ACS Classic
  • ACS Hype
  • ACS Wahine
  • ACS Padded
  • E-Comp
  • G-Board
  • Superfrog

If you’re into stand-up paddling, they have a separate division with BIC SUP. Boards include:

  • Soft SUP
  • Inflatable SUP

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