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Kelly Slater getting barrelled

Aka. tube, shack, green room

A tube inside a breaking wave underneath the lip or crest of a hollow wave. Also when a surfer rides in the barrel or tube of a hollow wave by pulling in and getting inside and under the lip of the wave. A surfer may be completely hidden from view during the barrel ride, especially from shore. From inside the barrel, a surfer will see the light at the opening of the tunnel from which he will hopefully emerge. One of the best maneuvers in surfing but very difficult to complete due to changing variations in every different wave.

How to

  1. Go to a beach where the waves tube. Typically a wave needs to be "throwing" and at least a bit overhead to create a barrel for a surfer. While it might seem obvious, a mushy longboard friendly wave won't barrel.
  2. Catch the wave. Typically you will want to make the drop as late as possible to allow the wave to barrel.
  3. Execute the entry into the barrel: If the barrel is forming behind you try stalling the board so the tube catches up with you. One stalling technique is to step back on the board. Another stalling technique is to stick your hand in the water to slow down and allow yourself to get caught in the barrel. Different barrels require different entry techniques. In some barrels you will need to pump and speed up to race into the barreling section.
  4. Enjoy the tube. It might "spit" you out of the barrel if it is a large wave or you might have to pump to get out.

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