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Ben Aipa Surfboards
Ben aipa surfboards logo.png
Founded 1966
Location Honolulu, Hawaii
Shaper Ben Aipa
Category Shortboards, Longboards

History of Ben Aipa Surfboards

Most surfers that shape, started surfing at a very young age. Not the case with Ben Aipa.

Ben did not start surfing until the age of 23. Before that time, he spent his time on football and swimming, both of which he participated in the competitive level. Ben might have continued his career in football, had he not had his injury.

From the first time he surfed, he was hooked and would surf everyday. He entered into contests at the age of 29. Ben started shaping surfboards in 1966, when the surf world was embracing the shortboards.

"I picked the name swallow tail because of the way the bird makes really fast turns."

—Ben Aipa

Ben is most known for his creation of the "swallow tail" and popularizing it in the shaping world from 1972. The “swallow tail” essentially helps a surfer make quick turns on the face of the wave. This was one of the pivotal moments that pushed shortboard innovation and riding to the next level.

Ben also modernized the longboard. With new innovative and lighter materials coming out, he incorporated these materials to create a longboard that was lightweight and more stable. The target audience for these longboards were for those who weren’t surfing everyday. Those boards, not surprisingly, would be called "The Big Boys".

Overview of Ben Aipa Surfboards

The best way to find more information and buy Ben Aipa’s surfboards is through one of his affiliate links. You won’t be able to purchase his surfboards directly from him through his website (Ben mentions he hates emails, so he most likely doesn’t like technology!). Ben Aipa has a range of shortboards and longboards which include:

Following can be found at Ala Moana shop:

  • Core Shortboard HP
  • Core Sting Series
  • Retro Sting
  • Fish
  • Ben Aipa Big Guy Sting
  • Modern Longboard Big Boy Sting Series
  • Modern Longboard Series

Following can be found at Boardworks Surf shop:

  • Kanoa Dahlin
  • Kanoa Comp
  • Kanoa Double Ender
  • Big Boy Stinger Series
  • Mimi

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