Bending Colours

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Bending Colours
Movie bending colours.jpg
Directed by Kai Neville
Produced by Red Bull Media House & Kai Neville Studio
Starring Jordy Smith, Julian Wilson, Tom Curren
Cinematography Kai Neville

Red Bull Media House and Kai Neville Studio dissolve perceptions of movement on the superhighway of performance surfing. Bending Colours is the year-long journey of surfing icon Jordy Smith, one of those rare athletes who delivers on the promises he offered as a teenage prodigy. Yeah, he was winning the world's biggest events as a kid; and, yeah, he became the basketball in a bidding war between the surf co's. But, the heat around Jordy Smith is how he freed surfing from the straitjacket of straight contest surfing and the dead-hand of predictability. Bending Colours takes the distorted life of this icon and through the use of new camera and production technologies changes the audience's perspective on what form a surfing film can take. Surf candy ain't art. You can blind yourself with surf clips online. But, the surfing of Jordy Smith, when it's dissembled and rebuilt into abstract fragments of intimacy, richness and clarity? It's Bending Colours. It's bent!

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