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Byrne Surfboards
Byrne surfboards logo.png
Founded 1975
Location Australia
Shaper Michael Baron
Phil Byrne
Laurie Byrne
Category Shortboards

History of Byrne Surfboards

Surfing and shaping runs through the Byrne family.

Prior to starting Byrne Surfboards, the Byrne brothers: Phil, Dave, and Chris had extensively traveled the most popular surf places including Bali and Hawaii. Dave and Chris were both involved in competitive surfing while Phil shaped surfboards for other manufacturers in Australia.

With their combined knowledge, experiences, and skills, the Byrne brothers got together and formed their own surfboard brand. Their organization would help them continue their quest to travel and compete around the world.

"To continue to improve surfboard design through working to improve every surfers’ performance. The better you can surf then the more fun you will have."

—Byrne Philosophy

Byrne Surfboard’s major breakthrough was with Tom Carroll surfing their boards to two world pro-surf titles. From that point on, Byrne Surfboards was catapulted into the surfboard industry spotlight and has experience continued success to the present.

Overview of Byrne Surfboards

Since Byrne Surfboards history is rooted in a family of pro-surfers and shapers with extensive experiences in the surf circuit, the surfboards currently offered are top quality shortboards. These include:

  • MB – High Performance
  • PB – High Performance
  • The Peanut
  • Thumby HP
  • Super Grom
  • Tom Carroll
  • Owen Wright Design
  • Tow Board
  • Gun – Medium
  • Gun – Large
  • Gun – Extra Large
  • The Crown Quad
  • Fuller Quad
  • Fuller Quad Step-Up
  • The Pill
  • Winged Fish
  • Rocket Fish
  • JB Lead Foot
  • Easy Rider
  • The Eggy

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