Clean Ocean Surfboards

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Clean Ocean Surfboards
Clean ocean surfboards logo.png
Founded 1989
Location Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Shaper Tony Iannarone
Category Shortboards, Longboards, Funboards, Performance

History of Clean Ocean Surfboards

Prior to the start of Clean Ocean Surfboards, Tony was already well-immersed with shaping boards at the young age of 14. He would use old boards and provide ding repairs and single-to-thruster board conversion setups.

In 1989, Tony would start Clean Ocean Surfboards with his friend while attending university. Tony would continue to hone his shaping skills out in San Diego and with other shapers including Howard Tanner and William Graham. These shaping experiences would set the tone for how Tony would shape boards at Clean Ocean Surfboards.

Keeping to tradition, Tony would shape boards using the techniques from the 1960s to 1970s which included using resin tints and heavy glass. Eventually, Tony would open the factory and surf shop in the Jacksonville, Florida area where he continues to shape boards of all varieties for the different types of surfers.

You can watch Tony shape a board live on the website or view other YouTube videos of boards being shaped.

Overview of Clean Ocean Surfboards

Clean Ocean shapes a wide variety of surfboards from shortboards to performance boards. As mentioned in the history, Tony shapes boards keeping to the traditional materials and methods of shaping boards from the 1960s and 1970s. The following are boards offered:

Potato Series

  • Hot Potato
  • Fried Potato
  • Baked Potato
  • Twice Baked
  • Potato Chip


  • Super Stock
  • Cold Warrior
  • War Pig
  • Four Pig
  • Tombstone 1
  • Tombstone 2

Funboards/Performance Midsize

  • Fun Board
  • Fat Ride

Performance Retro

  • Real Deal Fish
  • Magic Egg
  • Devolution 1-5


  • Miniplug
  • Mini-T
  • PLB
  • PLB-4
  • Manic Moon Monster
  • Traditionalist Pintail
  • Traditionalist Square Tail
  • Megaplug

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