Cloud Nine

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Cloud Nine
File:Cloud Nine.png
Latitude 9° 48.634' N
Longitude 126° 10.102' E
Distance Surf trip
Break quality
Wave quality World Class
Experience Experienced surfers
Frequency Sometimes break
Type Reef-coral
Direction Right and left
Bottom Reef (coral, sharp rocks etc..)
Power Hollow, Powerful
Normal length Short (< 50m)
Good day length Short (< 50m)
Tide, swell & wind
Good swell direction East, NorthEast
Good wind direction West
Swell size Starts working at Less than 1m / 3ft and holds up to 3m+ / 10ft+
Best tide position High tide only
Best tide movement Rising tide
Week crowd Crowded
Weekend crowd Ultra crowded
Dangers Rips/undertow and rocks

The wave is a powerful reef break, pitching over shallow live coral. Generally its a right, although as with many reefs it pitches both ways, with the left being shorter and equally hollow. When Cloud Nine gets crowded head down to Jacking Horses (300m paddle)


Hollow, Powerful and Superfast - as it sucks back off the coral grab your courage with both hands and give it your best. If you don't hesitate you'll get the wave of your life. This wave breaks boards and bones - you have been warned.


Amongst the top reef breaks in the world, behind Teahupoo, Backdoor and Pipeline... but not far behind!