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Dave "Dingo" Moore, shaper and founder of DMZ Surfboards, was a former shop rat of Fluid Drive in the 80's. He then created the original Dingbatz in Huntington Beach, CA in 1999. Dingbatz was a top go-to ding repair shop for Pro Surfers in the early 2000's and serviced HSS, Jack's, Rockin Fig and other local shops. Dave took up shaping and became knowledgeable by working with feedback from his team in the early 2000's (Ian Ekberg, Brett Simpson, "Goose," Ryan Carlson, and Timmy Reyes to name a few) and pitching them boards that he shaped. Dingo began recognizing consistencies in boards his riders loved by various shapers while doing repairs and then started shaping boards under the Dingbatz name. After Sunny Garcia ordered a few of Dingo's boards, he knew that this was his future. Now in 2013, after three years off the grid in Costa Rica, DMZ Surfboards is home and off the ground. Dave's label is dedicated to pushing the limits in surfboard design and after 13 years of development, DMZ's rockers and rails are second to none. "Dingo" has taken the time to perfect the craft of board making. His goal is to keep the surfboard shaping business real by sharing positive vibes and progressive energy. "We are keeping the Shaper/Surfer relationship alive in this ever-evolving sport of surfing." Along with scanned models, DMZ also still shapes by hand and shaping appointments are available by request.


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