Dewey Weber Surfboards

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Dewey Weber Surfboards
Dewey weber surfboards logo.png
Founded 1960
Location San Clemente, California
Shaper Dewey Weber (1938-1993)
Jerry O'Keefe (present)
Category Longboards, Shortboards

History of Dewey Weber Surfboards

"With his trademark red trunks, platinum blond hair, and a definite attitude, Dewey defined the archetype of the Southern California surfer."

—Drew Kampion, of Surfing Magazine

Those were some of the popular key terms to describe the outgoing personality of Dewey Weber. His trademark red trunks were so famous at the time, that others in the surf community would refer to him and his surf team of over 30 surfers, the “Redcoats”.

Like many surfers and shapers of his time, Dewey modified surfboard design and improved the manufacturing process of these surfboards. At a time when board sports were evolving and moving from water to land, Dewey introduced skateboards and other surf apparel and accessories to compliment his product line in his surf shop.

Dewey would continue to shape and run his surf shop til his death in 1993. Since then, the Weber family has taken the commitment to continue his tradition of shaping surfboards and promoting the “Weber Experience“. Jerry O’Keefe has since then been the shaper for Dewey Weber Surfboards.

Overview of Dewey Weber Surfboards

The surfboards are grouped into 3 main categories which include: Traditional longboards, performance longboards, and retro shortboards.

Traditional longboards

  • The Performer
  • The Performer 68
  • The Professional
  • The Legend
  • The Stylist
  • The Feather
  • The Planer

Performance longboards

  • Weber Quantum
  • Weber Strato
  • Strato Kona Kai
  • Strato East Coast
  • Strato Hawaii
  • Strato California

Retro shortboards

  • Feather Fastback
  • Easy Rider
  • Ski
  • Swish
  • Retro Pig
  • Flying Pig

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