Dick Brewer Surfboards

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Dick Brewer Surfboards
Dick brewer surfboards logo.png
Location Kauai, Hawaii
Shaper Dick Brewer
Category Guns, Shortboards, Longboards, Funboards
Website http://www.brewerhawaii.com

History of Dick Brewer Surfboards

Dick Brewer revolutionized surfing by shaping new surfboards that allowed surfers to ride faster waves.

Interestingly, Dick grew up and was first raised in landlocked cold Minnesota where he was born in 1936. Luckily, he and his family relocated to California where he was a skilled machinist and had a fond interest in both airplanes and surfing.

After spending time in California, Dick moved to Oahu where he opened up a surf shop, called Surfboards Hawaii, in Haleiwa. This was one of the first surf shops to be located near the North Shore where the famous big waves of Waimea and Makaha are located. It is there, along with inspiration and guidance from other pro-shapers like Bob Shepherd & Pat Curren, where Dick shaped the Brewer gun. By 1962, the gun surfboard was the most in demand with big wave surfers in Hawaii.

Dick entered a business partnership with another shaper, John Price, to have Surfboards Hawaii surfboards manufactured and distributed within California. However, Dick left the company shortly after an unresolved business conflict with John was not agreed upon.

From that point on, he would work with many other shapers including Bob McTavish and Hobie Alter in fine-tuning the gun surfboards. He shaped famous gun surfboards including Bing Pipeliners and Island Semis in 1966. From the late 1960s to mid-1970s, he would shape the Brewer mini-guns, hyper-kicked nose, tri-fin surfboard, and the big-wave guns.

Dick continues to shape all types of surfboards, and work with big wave surfers like Laird Hamilton in creating surfboards for big wave surf spots. His name is attached to many surfboards he’s shaped and can be found at many different business names and surf shops worldwide.

Overview of Dick Brewer Surfboards

The majority of surfboards fall into three main categories along with an additional set of boards for big wave surfing at Dick Brewer Surfboards website.


  • Alien
  • Pro Short
  • Fish
  • Mini-stinger
  • Big Boy


  • Hybrid Longboard
  • Y2K Pipeliner
  • Performance Thruster
  • Noserider
  • Classic Longboard
  • Pipeliner


  • Stinger
  • Cali-Hybrid
  • Egg Hybrid
  • Hawaii Hybrid
  • Mini-Longboard

Guns/Tow Boards

  • Tow Board
  • Pro Gun
  • Stock Gun
  • Island Gun

You can also find Dick Brewer’s surfboards at his current business called Plumeria, where you’ll find many of his hand shaped surfboards.

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