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Also known as: angle, stall

A fade relates to a surfer's movement back into the most powerful section of the wave. It's not really a maneuver as much as a (usually) subtle angling back toward the whitewater so to position oneself deeper in the barrel or to wait for the wave to stand up more vertically as it moves over shallower reef/sand. Fade can be used as either a noun or a verb and is a truly timeless move as it can also be used to set up for a better section to waft a fat aerial maneuver. However, fading is most effective in big waves as placement on the wave face is crucial and the depth of a fade can become dramatic as the surfer guides himself into more danger.

Example uses

  • That outer reef section is kind of soft, so you have to fade back into the pit to wait for the barrel when the wave hits that inside section and just unloads.

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