Foam climb

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Taylor Knox performing a foam climb at Lower Trestles. Photos by Rian Castillo

Alternate names: whitewater climb

A foam climb is when the surfer turns to ride up the whitewater of an already broken section of the wave. When you're caught in the white water, you're imprisoned. There's nothing to do in the flats, and wave face is where you want to be to progress and extend the ride.

How to

Intermediate surfers usually struggle to climb the foam ball. There are two variables playing into consideration when you need to pop over the whitewater, in order to reach the next section: a powerful bottom turn and body technique.

Build momentum by applying a good bottom-turn, as it will give power and speed to get over the wave foam. As you target the white water, your surfboard should already be driving bottom flat, not on rail.

Then, prepare use your upper body to pull you up, using your arms and shoulders to climb the white wash. As you reach the unwanted foam, apply pressure on you back foot so that your surfboard handles the impact. Go for it with a low balanced stance.

Additional rear weight will bring up the nose of the board so that the whitewater gets channeled under the stick. Finally, release all feet weight over the board and eye the next pocket.

Basically, you want to project your body and surfboard forward while lift gliding over the foam ball. A 60/40 weight back/front foot ratio will be enough.

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