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These boards can range from 6-8ft and typically have a rounder body with a little more width. That's pretty much where the common traits stop because you can have a funboard in almost any tail, rail or fin design.

Funboards make a great transition or learning board but can also be a good way to add some variety to the way you normally surf. They work well in most conditions, from the very small and mushy all the way up to head high. The extra width in the shape makes them more stable and forgiving, which is a much appreciated feature to many new surfers.When you ride a funboard expect a very diverse riding experience.

Though they are not short enough to maneuver like a high performance shortboard, they do tend to have a decent amount of pivotal and rail turning ability. The extra size will let you catch waves earlier and you can even walk around on the deck a little, maybe even sneak in a nose ride. This is a great board if you don’t want to be lugging around all the foam of a 10ft log but you would like to keep your wave count up, even in the dry season.

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