HIC Surfboards

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HIC Surfboards
Hic surfboards logo.png
Founded 1974
Location Kailua, Hawaii
Shaper Stephan Tsukuyama
Jimmy Tsukuyama
Eric Arakawa (present)
Steve Morgan (present)
Category Longboards, Shortboards, Gun/Fish
Website http://hicsurfboards.com

History of Hawaiian Island Creations Surfboards

The Tsukuyama brothers didn’t originally enter the surfboard business. They first opened up a bike shop on the Hawaiian Islands in 1971 called the Kailua Bike Shop. During the 1970s energy crisis, bike orders shot through the roof, and as a result, the Tsukuyama brothers had extra revenue to reinvest elsewhere.

The brothers decided to capitalize on the opportunity and opened up a wholesaling division for plant items that was the initial product for Hawaiian Island Creation (also simply known as HIC). They would then soon add surfboards and accessories to the line-up, beginning the tradition of selling quality boards to the present.

Currently, Eric Arakawa and Steve Morgan are shapers with HIC.

Overview of Hawaiian Island Creations Surfboards

Currently, HIC Surfboards is run by a third party called Surfboard Factory Outlet (SFO). They are the exclusive licensee for the HIC Surfboards.

Therefore, information on the types of surfboards is not available through the HIC or SFO website. We’ll update this section as more information is available.

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