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Harbour Surfboards
Harbour surfboards logo.png
Founded 1959
Location Seal Beach, California
Shaper Rich Harbour
Category Longboards, Shortboards, Gun/Fish
Website http://www.harboursurfboards.com/

In 1959 Harbour Surfboards began when Rich Harbour’s longboard was stolen out of his parent’s garage. Devastated and determined, Harbour set out to make his own custom surfboard with a saw and a blank, Rich Harbour molded what would become the first of many boards that are heavily sought after by surfing enthusiasts today.

Harbour Surfboards 50 Year LogoHe crafted this surfboard with a hand saw and rubber bands from an inner tube.

By the 1960s, local surfers were trying to get in on some of the Rich Harbour action. By the end of 1961, Denney Buell, a Seal Beach surfer, asked Harbour to make him a surfboard.

Denney Buell was the first surfer to be on the cover of Surfer magazine and by having this endorsement, Rich was set to become a master of the surfboard industry.

In 1962, Rich had moved out of his garage and opened Harbour Surfboards. Within one year, the store had already outgrown its size and relocated to the same place it is today.

By 1963 Rich had found himself overwhelmed by the amount orders coming in. He enlisted the help of Dean Elliot and Mike Marshall. Two years after that, Rich opened a sister store in Costa Mesa, California.

In 1964, Rich Chew won the USSA championship while riding Harbour’s famous Banana Model. This was huge for the company because it was the first time that a championship had been awarded.

In 1967, the design of surfboards began to change. It was then that surfboards started to get shorter. Because most of his shapers had left to pursue other careers, Rich brought Robert August on to help with the company.

Harbour SurfboardsThe 1970s were really shortboard hit the surf scene. Back then, using outline foils and experimenting with the thickness of the boards was unheard of. Rich began to perfect each board with a different thickness and style.

While continuing his short board designs, Rich also started to design skateboards. In the 1980s Rich eventually dropped skateboards altogether due to insurance costs.

During the 1990s, Rich began to start a line of high performance Harbour surfboards. These included models such as the Simms, Turbo, San-O, HP1 and the Classic.

In 2002, Harbour began development on the Nineteen. This was a stable nose rider for summer time waves. In 2008, Rich began to experiment with computer aided design and is still designing boards today.

Some of the boards that are most sought after are the Nineteen, San-O, Classics, and The Banana Model.

The Cruisers Surfboards

The Harbour Cruisers are very forgiving surfboards, designed for surfers of all abilities.

The Banana Model

Harbour Banana Model Surfboard The Harbour Banana Model surfboard remains the best choice for the surfer needing some floatation and paddling ease without sacrifice in maneuverability. The Banana Model is a must have!


Harbour Rapier Surfboard The Harbour Rapier Surfboard is a pin tail nose ride with the float and paddling of the Banana Model, and as much stability on the nose as the San-O.


Harbour San-O Surfboard The San-O model was designed as the longboard with excellent flotation, stability and ease of paddling, with plenty of maneuverability

The Classics Surfboards

The Harbour Classic Surfboards have the traditional egg rail design and a slight roll to the bottom. These Harbour surfboards have a very smooth ride, with emphasis on the nose.

Limited Edition

Harbour Limited Edition Surfboard As a tribute to his fifty years of board building, Rich Harbour is pleased to present the Limited Edition surfboard model. The concept is a culmination of Harbour’s most popular surfboard shapes.


Harbour Classic Surfboard Designed in the 80′s using all of the knowledge gained through the longboard years of the 60′s, the Harbour Classic Surfboard has the glide that was so important, and a turn that rivals the best design from that era.


Harbour Nineteen Surfboard The Harbour Nineteen Surfboard is a wide stable cruisin’ nose rider.


Harbour Noserider Surfboard The Harbour Nose Rider is superb at what its name implies. With one of the more exaggerated concaves ever built, this board will simplify getting tip time like never before.

High Performance Surfboards

The high performance Harbour surfboards are on average 1/4″ thinner than the Cruisers and Classics.

Diamond Tail

Harbour Diamond Tail Surfboard The Harbour Diamond Tail Surfboard is a very responsive design with more than adequate drive and turn connect.


Harbour H3 Surfboard The Harbour H3 Surfboard is high performance 2+1 design that is a bit wider than our other high performance boards. This board has the turn that one expects from a pintail, and plenty of acceleration out of that turn.


Harbour Habanero Surfboard Named after the world’s hottest chile, the Habanero blazes! The Harbour Habanero Surfboard allows for tighter turning, is faster down the line but not for the weak.


Harbour HP1 Surfboard The Harbour HP1 Surfboard is a high performance single fin nose that rides, tube rides, paddles and catches waves better than a tri-fin board of similar dimensions because it has no side fins to create drag in the water.


Harbour Quatro Surfboard The Quatro Harbour Surfboard is a H3 with a four-fin set up. The quad pintail delivers turns without boundaries and unlimited down line drive.


Harbour Sol Surfboard The Harbour Sol Surfboard is a pintail surfboard that delivers smooth turns and transition to cut backs while its slim outline gives enough punch for great drive from the turns.


Harbour Turbo Surfboard The Harbour Turbo Surfboard is Rich’s high performance squash tail that softens the harshness of a square tail.

Wing Pin

Harbour Wing Pin Surfboard The pin tail design allows for great transition from turn to cutback. But in the case of the Harbour Wing Pin Surfboard, the wings give drive off the slight corner they create, and the pintail gives some great flow to the turns.

Midrange,Transitional and Extreme Surfboards

The midrange, transitional and extreme surfboards by Harbour Surfboards are for accomplished surfers that want to explore shorter more maneuverable boards.


Harbour Drifter Surfboard The Harbour Drifter Surfboard has the feel and some of the look of a short board with supreme maneuverability yet much more volume for float.

Spherical Revolver

Harbour Spherical Revolver Surfboard With its wide surface area and elliptical shape the Harbour Spherical Revolver Surfboard is stable and quick and has an amazing amount of maneuverability. A great design for the longboarder that wants some of the shorter feel.


Harbour Fish Surfboard The Harbour Fish Surfboard shape is not for beginners, as some skill is needed to make it work and is almost like riding a skateboard on water.


Harbour Electric Surfboard Drive down line and snaps off the lip are inherent traits of this quad. It is a board for the more advanced surfer — a true piece of high performance equipment.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Harbour Surfboards also offers SUPs.

Stand Up Paddle

Harbour Stand Up Paddle Surfboard Not only do these boards deliver a tremendous work out, they rip in surf! And a good ride on a wave is really the main purpose of one of these Harbour Stand Up Paddle Boards.

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