Hot Surf

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Hot Surf
Directed by
Starring Cheyne Horan, Joey Buran, Larry Blair, Bobby Owens, Glen Winton, Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew, Nat Young, Buzzy Kerbox, Paul Neilson,Terry Richardson, Michael Ho, Reno Abellira, Mark Warren, Jim Banks, Mike Savage, Mark Price, Mike Cruickshank, Buzzy Kerbox, David Barr, Javier Castanon, Hans Hedemann, Ian Cairns, Bud Llamas
Production company Opper Sports Productions
Release date 1997
Running time 29 minutes
Language English

1998 Oxbow World Masters Surfing Championships The Oxbow World Masters Surfing Championship was held in mid-August at Puerto Escondido, Mexico had 6-8i' tubes pounding through the entire event. While this contest was an honor and a tribute to the 24 invited surfers, it was a challenge to them as well. The grinding warm-water barrels at Puerto had no interest in anyoneis reputation. Tube-riding in the here and now was all that mattered; the object was to keep your board in one piece, take off deep, pull in and come out the end. Everyone of the Master's surfers got thrashed trying to do this. And all of them answered back with fantastic late drops and some long behind-the-curtain disappearances. Some of the sport's greatest names were found on the invitee list, including Nat Young, Reno Abellira, Cheyne Horan, Glen Winton, Buzzy Kerbox, Joey Buran, Hans Hedemann, Wayne Bartholomew, Mark Warren, Larry Blair, David Barr, Ian Cairns, Paul Neilsen, Bobby Owens, Marc Price, Mike Savage, Glen Rawlings, Bud Llamas, Mike Cruickshank, Micheal Ho, Terry Richardson, Jim Banks, Micheal Tomson, and Javier Castanon.

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