JC Hawaii Surfboards

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JC Hawaii Surfboards
Jc hawaii surfboards logo.png
Location Oahu, Hawaii
Shaper John Carper
Category Shortboards
Website http://www.jchawaii.com

History of JC Hawaii Surfboards

John Carper founded JC Hawaii Surfboards on the North Shore of Hawaii at Oahu. His inspiration and shaping skills have come from great shapers of the past including Dick Brewer, Greg Noll, and Bob McTavish.

Along with shaping his own boards for JC Hawaii, John has shaped for other famous surfboard companies including Surfboards Hawaii, Island Fusion, and Lightning Bolt. He remains focused on providing boards for experienced shortboard and big wave surfers.

Overview of JC Hawaii Surfboards

As mentioned before, JC Hawaii specializes in shaping only quality surfboards. The boards offered below can be fully customized to your specifications including length, width, thickness, tail, etc. Boards JC Hawaii offers:

  • T-RD
  • White Fang
  • Enabler
  • SD-3
  • PMM
  • Hoyer
  • Brett Barley
  • SM
  • MP-B
  • RG-4
  • T-RX
  • Flying Pig
  • Sting Ray
  • Torpedo
  • Rocket Fish
  • Retro Rocket
  • Equializer
  • Flying Fish
  • Semi-Gun
  • 3D-X
  • NX-1
  • Sling Shot (Tow-In)
  • Shadow
  • Flo-Master
  • PBU (Pray Before Use)

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