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Mike Eaton Surfboards
Mike eaton surfboards logo.png
Founded circa 1960-1970
Location San Diego, California / Hawaii (present)
Shaper Mike Eaton
Category Bonzer, Longboards, SUP Boards
Website http://www.eatonsurf.com

History of Mike Eaton Surfboards

A long time surfer, Mike Eaton first learned to surf back in 1947. He lived in San Francisco while he was in the Coast Guard in the 1950’s, and helped shape surfboards with Jack O’Neill, who would later famously create the wetsuit.

Mike also shaped boards with other famous shapers and surfboard labels including Bing Surfboards and Rick Surfboards. After shaping for others, he would found Mike Eaton Surfboards and setting shop in San Diego in the 1970’s.

Mike would be known for some of his unique shaping designs including the twin-fin and bonzer style. The Bonzer concept was first conceived by the Cambell brothers in 1970 using the Venturi Principle. Mike would fine tune and use this concept to shape more sophisticated bonzer style surfboards.

Stand-up paddle board was gaining popularity in the 1980’s, and Mike took the opportunity to shape paddleboards. He is well-known for his paddleboard designs and he, himself an avid paddleboarder has attended many of the competitions and events worldwide including: Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race, even up to his old age of 71.

Mike recently closed down his surf shop in San Diego and has gracefully retired to the Hawaiian Islands.

Overview of Mike Eaton Surfboards

Although Mike Eaton Surfboards is not in current operations since 2008, his boards are still being sold at other surf shops.

Currently, his paddleboards can be purchased through Boardworks.

Mike’s surfboards can be purchased at either Joe B Surf Shapes or Waterlines Surfboards (Note: Mike Eaton’s website lists these two shops, however you should inquire with respective shops, since they may no longer carry the Eaton Surfboard models).


  • 1946 Hot Curl (Replica)
  • Pacific Homes Redwood Balsa (Replica)
  • Classic Hawaiian Gun
  • Eaton Classic
  • Eaton Longboard
  • Eaton Baby Longboard
  • Eaton UEO
  • Eaton Bonzer
  • Eaton Tri-Fin

SUP Boards

  • Tandem Paddleboard
  • Trisect Paddleboard
  • Unlimited Class Custom Paddleboard
  • Class Custom Paddleboard
  • Class Molded Recreational Paddleboard

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