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Founded 2008
Location Carlsbad, California
Shaper Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, Ry Craike
Category Shortboards

History of Super Surfboards

Properly known as SUPERbrand, this is one of the youngest brands having been formed at the end of the 2000’s.

Although less than 5 years old, Super Surfboards has grown fast, including a line of quality shortboards, men’s & women’s apparel line in 2010/2011 respectively, and growing a family of surfing team members to their roster.

The SUPERbrand style can be simply summed up by their concise mission statement:

"SUPERbrand is a partnering of distinct voices in the cultural chasms of modern pop life, devoted to the words others toss around and discard, dedicated to the lifestyles that make us, and focused on creating products that compliment the individuals all around the world. Find your flow."

Much of the board art and apparel give a modern laid-back pop art feeling, following in line with current trending lifestyles.

Overview of Super Surfboards

SUPERbrand focuses on shortboard designs. Currently, the three main categories include: SUPERpro, SUPERshortie, and SUPERfun models.


  • SUPERmadness
  • SUPERmadness 2
  • SUPERcraft
  • SUPERcraft 2
  • SUPERmastablasta
  • SUPERmastablasta 2


  • SUPERanswer
  • SUPERmodel
  • SUPERhuman
  • SUPERburnside
  • SUPERstunna
  • SUPERvision


  • SUPERtoy
  • SUPERvapors
  • SUPERslug
  • SUPERzen
  • SUPERshibi
  • SUPERquadrofinia

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