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Stewart Surfboards
Stewart surfboards logo.png
Founded 1978
Location San Clemente, CA (current) / Laguna Beach, CA
Shaper Bill Stewart
Category Shortboards, Longboards, Funboards

At a time when surfboards were more about function than style, Stewart surfboards bucked the trend by offering hand-crafted, custom surfboards painted with colors that popped and artwork that could have hung in any museum.

The man behind these boards was Bill Stewart, who earned his surfing stripes off the Florida coast in his high school years.

Coming out to San Clemente, California in 1963, Stewart spent his time gilding the waves and learning the craft of caring for and shaping surfboards. He was eventually hired by Hobie, Rick James and South Shore in the 70s.

In 1978 he broke out on his own and started Stewart Surfboards in Laguna Beach.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, Stewart continued to find ways to bring innovation to the surfboard craft and has expanded his business headquarters to San Clemente. Stewart Surfboards has been a mainstay of Laguna Beach, California for over thirty years.

Many shapers look up to Bill Stewart due to his great impact on longboard design as he was the inventor of the 2+1 tri-fin configuration, as well as the Hydro Hull concave design.

History of Stewart Surfboards

Although Stewart Surfboards has its operations in the heart of the surf industry in Southern California, Bill Stewart had his roots first out in Kentucky, and later he first surfed at Hollywood, Florida in 1963. Several years later, he would shape his first surfboard in 1967.

He moved out to Southern California to both surf more consistent waves and improve his shaping skills from the best at the time include Rick James and Hobie Alter. After learning enough on shaping surfboards, he launched his name brand surfboard in 1978 in Laguna Beach, which shortly thereafter relocated to San Clemente due to booming business.

From the 1980’s to 1990’s, Bill would go on to innovate the surfboard design: developing the Hydro Hull (double concave shape), which around 3 decades later he would update to create the Redline 11 longboard in 2011. He also introduced the the 2+1 tri-fin configuration as well as developed the S-Winger (which was the 5 fin double wing pin shortboard).

Bill continues to stretch the limits and go beyond what is impossible in surfboard design.

Overview of Stewart Surfboards

Stewart Surfboards provides a range of surfboards from shortboards to longboards. They also have a simple “Find a Board” search bar to help you look for the right board quicker.

  • Funline 11
  • Redline 11
  • Therapy
  • Fartknocker
  • Hooker
  • Retro Fish
  • S-Winger
  • Funboard Comp
  • Hydro Glide
  • CMP
  • Hydro Hull
  • LSW
  • California Nose Rider
  • Regal

Surfboards Offered by Stewart Surfboards

Regardless of your height, weight, or the size of the waves you’ll be surfing, Bill Stewart Surfboards offers a board that will fit you like a glove. The smallest boards are the “Fartknockers“. These boards range from four and a half to six feet and are perfect for those days when the surf isn’t what you’d want it to be.

In the six to seven foot range are the S-Rail Fish boards, which give surfers a combination of down the line speed mixed the progressive maneuverability that comes with the finely tuned rail.

The S-Winger is one of Bill Stewart’s personal favorites. This board, which comes in models ranging from seven to eight feet in length, mixes the speed of a full quad with the solid feeling of a thruster. This scaled shortboard comes with five fins and is one of Stewart’s best selling surfboards.

The Funboard comes in sizes of seven to eight feet. The board is shaped with a beveled rail and is simply designed to be exactly what it’s name suggests: fun!

Stewart’s boards don’t end there, however. The company also offers a Ten foot HydroGlide board, the nine foot CMP, designed and named after longboard champion Colin McPhillips, and the Boardworks line, which uses thermal epoxy compression technology to make the best surfboard possible. Stewart’s Surfboards can also be ordered to specification.

Below is a list of Stewart Surfboard models:

Fart Knockers

The Stewart Fartknocker Surfboard model is a wide tailed shorty, the perfect compliment to anyone’s quiver for those days not worth surfing.

S-Rail Fish

The S-Rail Fish surfboard is a crazy fast, quad surfboard that will inject some fun back into mushy surf..

Retro Fish

The Retro Fish Stewart Surfboard is an updated version of a timeless classic.


The standard in modern performance surfboard design.


Not since the Hydro Hull has Bill Stewart been this excited about one of his new models. Riding the Stewart S Winger Surfboard as a 5-fin is unreal, the looseness and speed of a quad with the dependability of a thruster.


The Stewart Funboard is the best shaped Hydro Hull egg ever, period. The beveled rail gives this board an easy rail to rail transition.

Hydro Glide

The Bill Stewart Hydro Glide was specifically designed for beginner surfers.


The 2101 is a performance longboard designed specifically for smaller and/or lightweight surfers.

CMP (Colin McPhillips) – The Colin Pro

The CMP Stewart Longboard is designed and fined tuned over the years by Bill Stewart and Three Time World Longboard Champion Colin McPhillips.


LSP stands for Lightweight, Speed, Performance. This Stewart Surfboard is what Jeff Kramer asked for in a longboard model.

Hydro Hull

The Stewart Hydro Hull Surfboard is a board that always delivers.


The 2009 LSW, a performance board with a Hydro Hull bottom, sets a new stand.

California Nose Rider

The Stewart California Nose Rider is a surfboard that combines two words that typically don’t go together, performance and nosrider.


With the Traditionals, Bill Stewart has taken his extensive board knowledge, and favourite deisgn characteristics of the best riding board of the 1960s and melded them into a line of Stewart longboards.


The Stewart Clydesdale Surfboard was designed to facilitate the larger surfer. It is a stable and supportive surfboard that will perform well in all conditions.

Stand Up Paddle

The SUP is a Stand Up Paddle board by Bill Stewart.


Boardworks utilizes Thermal Epoxy Compression technology to produce a sandwiched surfboard that is light, tight and very durable.

Other Interesting Facts on Stewart Surfboards

  • Stewart Surfboards featured in Office Depot national ad.
  • The movies “The Heartbreak Kid” & “The Net” also showcased the surfboards by Stewart.
  • Best Airbrusher in 1980 Surfing Magazine.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev was presented a Stewart Surfboard with airbrushed Soviet & American flags by CNN commemoration of the end of Cold War in 1990.

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