Von Sol Surfboards

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Von Sol Surfboards
Von sol surfboards logo.png
Founded circa 1970
Location Oceanside, California
Shaper Sean Mattison
Category Shortboards, Longboards, Performance
Website http://www.vonsol.com

History of Von Sol Surfboards

Sean Mattison founded Von Sol on the premise of the surfing lifestyle. That it’s beyond the surfboard designs and more about the life and environmental principles that surfers should take to heart when they surf out in the open waters. Von Sol summarizes pretty well with their vision:

"Surfing is a path of stewardship, a duty to preserve what we love and advance our sport for future generations. When we see trash on the beaches we pick it up. When we see someone struggling, we lend a voice, talent and experience. Our vision is one of education and goodwill, as the sustainability of our sport depends on who we are as individuals and our collective power to influence the world through this vision. The advancement of our sport extends far beyond ourselves. We draw love of surfing not from our accomplishments alone, but through helping others, sharing in their stoke and progress."

Prior to Von Sol’s origins, Sean was already surfing on the competitive level between the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. He would go on to compete up until 1995, when he became the General Manager of Surfride Inc. and worked there towards the end of the 1990’s.

From the 2000’s to the present, Sean continues to work in the surf industry as the top surfboard buyer, giving him the title of “Lord of the Boards” by Surfing Magazine. Between 1998 to 2009, he has actively stayed involved with the surf community by coaching surf teams.

His passion for the sport of surf can be felt and seen with the Von Sol brand.

Overview of Von Sol Surfboards

Majority of Von Sol Surfboards are of shortboard type, with some longboards and mid-size types.

High Performance Shortboards

  • The Shadow
  • Moonfish
  • Golden Ticket
  • The HORNET
  • Double Black Diamond
  • Switchblade
  • The Twinzer
  • Von Knight
  • Von Simmons
  • The Comet
  • Speed Shape
  • Von Keel


  • MID Shadow
  • Von MID Knight
  • Speed Shape


  • Galaxy
  • High Performance Pintail
  • Nose Ride

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