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Webber Surfboards
Webber surfboards logo.png
Founded 1970
Location Australia
Shaper Greg Webber
Category Shortboards, Performance
Website http://www.webbersurfboards.com

History of Webber Surfboards

Greg Webber recognized that there were many surfboards out in the market that weren’t living up to expectations. Shaping since 1970, Greg has shaped surfboards for top pro-surfers including Taj Burrow and Andy Irons.

Since he emphasizes on quality, he doesn’t shape as many boards per year as the majority of other shapers do. On average, shapers can finish up to 2,000 boards per year. Greg chooses to keep his surfboard shaping maximum to 250 boards per year, allowing him to focus on each board’s innate qualities, and not feel stressed out by having many boards to shape.

"So, if I don’t want Taj to ride someone else’s boards, I’ve got to blow the other shapers away. And to do that, I’ve got to be in a f–ing good mood every time I shape one of his boards. It goes back to the smoothness thing–when you’re really in tune and you’re not stressed on one other thing, you’ll get something that’s closer to immaculate."

—Greg Webber

Overview of Webber Surfboards

Webber Surfboards focuses on quality shortboard designs. Although the website that presents his boards is in blog format, check the main page for contact email to order your board from Webber Surfboards.


  • C Series
  • Mistress
  • Print
  • Sprout
  • Unlimited

Small Wave Boards

  • Gutter Lover
  • Hook
  • Mini CD
  • Sonic
  • Twister


  • Fish Cocktail
  • Mini Fish

Old Favourites

  • Afterburner
  • CD
  • Fatburner
  • Spoon
  • The One


  • Almond
  • Collection
  • Single
  • Twin
  • Tri
  • Quad
  • Creature
    • I found this surfboard model to be one of the more interesting ones of all boards shaped by Webber. The tail shape is unusual, kind of a fusion between round and pointy fish tail. Also note the interesting deck shape, it isn’t simply the typical one downward concave surface, but series of downward and upward concave surface.
  • Hip
  • Pin
  • Stinger

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