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This is a list of people associated with surfing or surf culture.

Name Lifespan Nationality Reason for fame
Alana Blanchard 1990– USA Women's Pipeline Championship winner
Andy Irons 1978–2010 Haw Three-time world champion 2002–2004
Antony Garrett Lisi 1968– USA Physicist.
Barton Lynch 1963– Aus 1988 World Champion, won 17 world tour events
Bethany Hamilton 1990– USA Victim of a much-publicised shark attack.
Bill Andrews 1944– USA Among first to surf Black's Beach in La Jolla, CA
Bob Pike 1940–1999 Aus Noted big wave surfer
Bob Simmons 1919–1954 USA Father of the modern surfboard
Bobby Martinez 1986– USA 2006 Rookie of the Year
Bruce Brown 1937– USA Surfing film maker and early pioneer of the surf film
Bruce Irons 1979– Haw Professional surfer and younger brother of three-time world champion Andy Irons
Bud Browne 1912–2008 USA Pioneer surf film maker, the first filmmaker to show surf movies commercially
Butch van Artsdalen 1941–1979 Haw The original Mr. Pipeline
Buzzy Trent 1929–2006 USA Pioneer of big wave surfing
Carissa Moore 1992– Haw 2011 ASP Women's World Champion, youngest female ever to win
Cass Collier RSA 1999 World Big Wave Champion
Chelsea Hedges 1983– Aus 2005 world title holder
Cheyne Horan 1960– Aus World championship runner-up 1978, 1979, 1981 and 1982
Cheyne Magnusson 1984– USA Professional surfer and one of the stars of MTV's reality show Maui Fever
CJ Hobgood 1979– USA 2001 World Champion
Clay Marzo 1989– USA Three NSSA National surfing titles, a nomination for Maneuver of the Year at the 2007 Surfer Magazine Poll and Video Awards
Coco Ho 1991– Haw Women's ASP World Tour surfer, Michael Ho's daughter
Corky Carroll 1947– USA Five Time U.S. Champion, 3 Time International Professional Champion, International Big Wave Champion, World Small Wave Champion
Dale Velzy 1927–2005 USA 1950s surf shop pioneer and surfboard design innovator
Dale Webster 1948– USA Northern California surfer who surfed over 10,407 days in a row, minimum of 3 waves a day. Appeared in the Step Into Liquid movie.
Damien Hobgood 1979– USA Professional surfer from Satellite Beach, Florida
Dave Kalama 1964– Haw Qindsurfing and paddleboard champion
David Nuuhiwa 1948– USA Legendary nose rider from the 1960's
Dennis Wilson 1944–1983 USA Founding member of The Beach Boys
Derek Ho 1964– Haw 1993 World Champion, Michael Ho's younger brother
Dewey Weber 1938–1993 USA Surfer and surfboard designer
Donald Takayama 1943–2012 USA Master's division of the United States Surfing Champions 1971, 1972 and 1973
Donavon Frankenreiter 1972– USA Surfer and musician
Drew Kampion 1944– USA Surf writer and editor, editor of Surfer Magazine (1968–71), author of Stoked: A History of Surf Culture, The Way of the Surfer, The Book of Waves, etc.
Duke Paoa Kahanamoku 1890–1968 Haw US Olympic Swimming Champion, Hawaiian Personality. The Father of Modern Surfing. Made appearances in Hollywood films (Mr. Roberts with Henry Fonda and Wake of the Red Witch with John Wayne).
Eddie Aikau 1946–1978 Haw Award-winning surfer and lifeguard
Felipe Pomar 1943– Peru 1965 World Champion
Frieda Zamba 1965– USA Four time world women's surfing champion 1984-1986 and 1988.
Fred Hemmings 1946– Haw 1968 World Champion
George Freeth 1883–1919 Haw "The Father of Modern Surfing"
George Greenough 1941– USA/Aus 1960s kneeboard, shortboard, inventor and surf movies.
Gerry Lopez 1948– Haw "Mr.Pipeline", Founder of Lightning Bolt surfboards and Actor (played role of Subotai in Conan the Barbarian)
Greg Noll 1937– USA Big wave pioneer, rode biggest wave of his era at Makaha
Heather Clark 1972– RSA 2001 Hawaiian Triple Crown champion
Holly Beck 1980– USA 2000 Explorer Women's Western Surfing Champion, 2000 College Women's National title
Ian Cairns 1952– Aus Champion surfer in the late 1970s
Isabel Letham 1899–1995 Aus First Australian to surf.
Ishita Malaviya 1991– India First Indian female surfer
Jack London 1876–1916 USA Writer, Hawaiian surfer
Jack O'Neill 1923– USA Surfer and inventor of the modern wetsuit
Jacqueline Silva 1979– Bra Pioneer in Brazilian women's surfing
Jamie O'Brien 1983– Haw Professional surfer
Jay Moriarity 1978–2001 USA At age 16, his wipeout at Mavericks was caught on film and made the cover of Surfer magazine
Jeff Hakman 1958– Haw Surfing champion of the 1970s
Jeremy Flores 1988– Fra 2007 WCT Rookie of the Year
Jesse Brad Billauer 1979– USA Quadriplegic surfer
Jessi Miley-Dyer 1986– Aus Professional surfer from New South Wales, Australia
Jim Fuller 1947– USA Lead guitarist and co-song writer of the famous 1960s rock band, The Surfaris
Jimmy Blears 1948–2011 Haw 1972 World Champion
Joel Parkinson 1981– Aus Professional surfer. ASP World Title 2012.
Joel Tudor 1976– USA Famous contemporary longboarder
Joey Buran 1961– USA Won the 1984 Pipe Masters and 1998 ASP Masters World Championship
John John Florence 1992– Haw Won the 2011 Vans World Cup of Surfing, the youngest winner
John Whitmore 1929–2001 RSA South African surfing pioneer.
Jordy Smith 1988– RSA Professional surfer
Joyce Hoffman 1947– USA US Women's Champion 1965–67
Keala Kennelly 1978– USA Professional surfer, surfer DJ, and actress from Kauai, Hawaii
Kelly Slater 1972– USA 11-time World Champion
Kem Nunn 1948– USA Avid surfer and America's leading surf novelist
Ken Bradshaw 1952– USA North Shore hellman
Laird Hamilton 1964 USA Big wave rider and tow-in surfing inventor.
Lakey Peterson 1994– USA Professional surfer
Laura Enever 1991– Aus 2009 ASP Women's World Junior Champion
Layne Beachley 1972– Aus Seven times ASP World Champion, founder of 'Aim For The Stars'
Linda Benson 1944– USA 1959 Makaha International Champion, U.S. Champion: 1959, 1960, 1961, 1964, 1968
Lisa Andersen 1969– USA Four-time world surfing champion 1994–1997
Lynne Boyer 1956– USA First two time world surfing champion 1978 & 1979
Malia Manuel 1993– Haw 2008 US Open Champion (youngest ever)
Margo Oberg 1953– Haw Three-time world champion 1977, 1980 & 1981
Mark Foo 1958–1994 Haw Professional surfer. Died while surfing at Mavericks.
Mark Occhilupo 1966– Aus 1999 world champion
Mark Richards 1957– Aus 4-time World Champion 1979–1982
Mark Visser 1983– Aus Big-wave surfer, the "Night Rider"
Martin Potter 1965– RSA 1989 World Champion
Maya Gabeira 1987– Bra Surfed the biggest wave ever by a female at 45ft
Maz Quinn 1976– NZ Pro New Zealand surfer
Megan Abubo 1978– Haw Professional female surfer from Hawaii.
Michael Ho 1957– Haw Won Hawaiian Triple Crown, Duke Classic, World Cup and 1982 Pipe Masters
Michael Peterson 1952–2012 Aus Australian champion 1972 & 1974
Mick Fanning 1981– Aus Won 2007, 2009 and 2013 ASP World Tour
Mickey Muñoz 1937– USA Early surfing pioneer, also famous as a surfboard shaper
Midget Farrelly 1944– Aus Won the inaugural World Surfing Championship in 1964
Mike Diffenderfer 1937–2002 USA Surfer and shaper
Mike Doyle 1941– USA Surf/paddle champion, innovator. 1965 World Champion. Winner, 1968 Duke Kahanamoku Contest.
Mike Hynson USA Star of Endless Summer and surf board shaper who taught Robert August how to shape
Mike Parsons 1965– Surfed largest recorded wave of 70ft at Cortes Bank
Mike Stewart 1963– Haw 9-time World Bodyboarding Champion
Miki Dora 1936–2002 USA
Nat Young 1947– Aus World surfing champion 1966 & 1970, ASP World Longboard Tour Champion 1986 & 1988–1990. Tried to register surfing as an official religion.
Nick Gabaldon 1927–1951 California's first documented surfer of Black and Hispanic descent
Owen Wright 1990– Aus Won 2011 Quiksilver Pro
Paige Hareb (NZ)
Pam Burridge 1965– Aus 1990 women's world champion
Pauline Menczer 1970– Aus 1988 amateur world champion, 1993 world champion
Pete Peterson 1952– USA Three time World Champion
Peter Townend 1953– Aus 1976 World Champion
Phillip Hoffman 1930–2010 American big wave pioneer and surf apparel company executive
Phyllis O'Donnell 1937– Aus In 1964 won the inaugural women's World Championship Surfing Title at Manly Beach
Rell Sunn 1950–1988 Haw A top female surfer of the 1980s, known as the "Queen of Makaha"
Reno Abellira 1950– Haw Smirnoff World Pro/Am winner in 1974
Richie Collins 1969– USA (surfer/shaper) 1988 O'Neill Coldwater Classic champ, Won the 1989 Op Pro, Won the 1992 Bells Beach Classic.
Ricky Hatch Surfer from Hermosa Beach, California
Rob Machado 1973– USA Won Pipeline Masters and U.S. Open of Surfing
Robert August 1945– USA Surfer and Surfboard Designer
Robert "Wingnut" Weaver Featured, along with Patrick O'Connell, in The Endless Summer II surf film.
Rochelle Ballard 1971– Haw
Rolf Aurness 1952– USA 1970 World Champion
Sally Fitzgibbons 1990– Aus Multi ASP World Tour title-holder
Shane Beschen 1972– Haw Professional surfer
Shane Dorian 1972– Haw Pro surfer.
Sharon Webber USA Women's world surfing championship in 1970 & 1972
Shaun Tomson 1955– USA Born in South Africa, currently living in the USA, 1977 World Champion
Simon Anderson 1954– Aus First advocate of the three-finned surfboard, the "thruster," early 1980s
Skip Frye 1941– USA Legendary stylist and surfboard shaper
Sofía Mulánovich 1983– Peru First South American to win the World Title in 2004
Stacey Peralta 1957– USA Z-Boy
Stephanie Gilmore 1988– Aus 2007 ASP World Champion
Sunny Garcia 1970– Haw 2000 World Champion
Taj Burrow 1978– Aus 1998 ASP World Tour Rookie of the Year, many ASP Tour wins
Tiago Pires 1980– Por
Tim Baker Aus Journalist, former editor of Tracks and Australia's Surfing Life magazines.
Tom Blake 1902–1994 USA Early American Surfer, inventor of the Skeg
Tom Curren 1964– USA World champion three times - 1985, 1986, 1990, and won 33 championship events in his professional career.
Tyler Wright 1994– Aus 2011 ASP Women's World Tour Rookie of the Year
Wayne Bartholomew 1954– Aus 1978 World Champion
Wayne Lynch 1952– Aus
Wayne Miyata 1942–2005 USA California and Hawaii, "going tubular" in Endless Summer, famous color glosser
Wendy Botha 1965– Aus Four-time world surfing champion
Wes Laine 1960– A top 10 ASP World Championship Tour competitor - Wins: 1984 World Cup Sunset Beach, 1983 OP-Pro Atlantic City, 1985 Spur Ranch, Cape Town, South Africa, 2nd Place 1983 Rip-Curl Pro, Bells Beach