Jack O'Neill

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Jack O'Neill
Jack oneill 1.jpg
Personal information
Born 27-03-1923 (age 101)


Birth place Denver, Colorado
Residence Santa Cruz, California
Surfing specifications

Jack O'Neill is an American businessman, often credited with the invention of the wetsuit.[2] In 1952 he founded the O'Neill brand while opening one of California's first surf shops in a garage on the Great Highway in San Francisco, close to his favorite bodysurfing break at the time.[2]

This led to the establishment of a company that deals in wetsuits, surf gear, and clothing.[3] Jack O'Neill's name is attached to surfwear and his brand of surfing equipment.[4]

In December 1996 he also began a non profit organization called O'Neill Sea Odyssey which provides students with hands-on lessons in marine biology and that teaches the relationship between the oceans and the environment.[5]

O'Neill resides on a beachfront property in Santa Cruz, California, where he has lived since 1959.[6]


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Further reading

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